The whole of Yugoslavia cried because of these two Mostarka: Seven days to -27 were trapped in a cave!

The whole of Yugoslavia cried because of these two Mostarka: Seven days to -27 were trapped in a cave!

Just 33 years ago, two girls in the snowdrift hit a pit they could not get out of

Without food, helpless, and in great cold, they endured seven days and eight nights, and from the death they saw in their eyes, they were rescued by hunters from the nearby Drago, Rade and Krešo Ćavar villages. Later, Draženki and Šimi were also amputated, but thanks to the medical aids and the great enthusiasm of successful wives and mothers today, writes

They live in distant Canada, and in a place that changed their lives, they later came only once. Three years ago they went there with their rescuers. The Canadian television also later recorded a documentary film about them.

They tried to get away and go further, but it did not work. Snow and ice were their own; in the depths of the crevasse there was no salvage straw. The father from which they walked from Bogodol, thought that they came to their mother in Mostar, the mother thought no one would come out of the house with such snow. There was no phone, the connections were not like today.

"That's wet, overwhelming and disappointed that we can not get out, we figured the worst. We did not have to fall into the snow, knowing that this could be fatal, so we got into a small space on a cliff that had torn down the canyon and there was no snow. We leaned across, I put my head on Simon's knees and vice versa, and the denim jackets we wore used to cover our heads and fall asleep. We did not believe we would live in the morning, and that night some of us had the fastest time - Draženka Čuljak told

The pit was about - 27 degrees Celsius.

- We believed and find hunters. Close to the other village, we called, but unfortunately no one heard hangouts. It came in those days and to the crisis moments, we felt that no one loved us or that we were not important to anyone. I knew that the neighbors knew night to watch for the lost cow, and we were so close and at the same time so far, Drazenka's story.

He came on Friday and at the same time brought great disappointment to Šima and Draženka. No one has reported on Saturday, Draženka remembers. In the days when ice and snow were the only things that had been introduced into the organism, both Šima and Draženka were constantly praying for salvation.

Soon communication with hunters was established, but the torture was not over. The people who were searching for animals in these days thought that the sermons of the sisters, in fact some of the mythical beings who were listening to stories and which existed in popular beliefs.

"Later we learned that they were talking in the village about what they heard in the village. One of the women said that she also heard the diarrhea, but she thought it was a childbirth, the story of Drazenka continues.

In the end, humanity defeated fears, so Drago, Rade and Kreso accompanied by one of the women from the village returned to their sisters. One of them overcame the pit and saw the girls who needed help. He called for the rope, and the other two were involved in the action, so with great effort they eventually succeeded.

The sisters soon ended up in one of the houses in the nearby village. There they got new clothes, food and hot drinks.