DR. GIDDEN DISCOVERES MODERN MEDICINE: 'Chemotherapy does not work in 97% of cases! It's a pure money throw and a dangerous treatment! '

DR. GIDDEN DISCOVERES MODERN MEDICINE: 'Chemotherapy does not work in 97% of cases! It's a pure money throw and a dangerous treatment! '

Half a million dead from the cancer treatment system is expected this year alone in the US! Among doctors, the rate of suicide is increasing, but also the growing dependence on alcohol and drugs

Cancer, one of the most massive killers of people today. The second leading cause of death in the world, especially in the United States. Only in 2015 will be about a million and 657 thousand new years, and about half a million people will die of cancer in the US alone! These are shocking data from the National Institute of Health.

And while almost all treatment treatments consist exclusively of chemotherapy and surgery, rare are those doctors who, at the price of money, tell people the truth about chemotherapy. One of them is dr. Peter Gidden, who gave his explanation of a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. This research has gone unnoticed even though everything has been said in it!

The research published in this respected medical journal, ignoring the general public, confirmed that in adults 12 years after receiving chemotherapy, cancer has not been cured in up to 97% of cases! No one, except dr. Gidden did not ask why why chemotherapy is still used?

However, Gidden says that the reason for this is only one thing, and that is MONEY. Gidden pointed out that many do not know that chemotherapeutic drugs are unique in that doctors have to buy them from pharmaceutical companies and then they have to sell them to patients in order to generate profit at all. So, in this case there is no direct bribe, but doctors directly earn chemotherapy, of course, only if they sell!

Chemotherapy is ineffective in 97% of cases. If Ford produced engines that explode in 97% of cases, do you think such a company would still do business? Of course not, says Gidden, but this is not the case with a therapy that kills people.

An Australian study of cytotoxic chemotherapy at a survival rate of five years after taking therapy in adult malignant disease patients confirmed that the overall effect of cytotoxic chemotherapy was 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the US. So it is clear that the contribution of chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer is minor.

Gidden cites this problem as just one example of a so-called health system that is more important than profit, not human health.

'This is just the tip of the iceberg of control that the pharmaceutical industry has over us, people, says Gidden.

Another physician sharing a similar perspective is dr. Leonard Coldwell. For him, chemotherapy is a battle poison of the medical system. "They bombard the entire human body and then they tell you that cancer is in remission.

He notes that statistics on cancer healing rates relate to survival within five years of receiving treatment.

"Chemotherapy destroys all biochemical and bioelectric functions in the body," says Coldwell. Since your body does not work anymore, you no longer have cancer, you think you are cured. But for years the body recovered, the cancer is coming back and you are dead, Coldwell notes. "It's an assault with deadly weapons, he said, adding that when you irradiate someone, it will cause scars, and the scar will never again become healthy tissue.

The problem is the way in which doctors are trained. NO. Doctors never teach how to heal people, says Coldwell. They only learn how to use chemicals or surgeries to suppress symptoms. They never deal with causes. '

Coldwell also notes that among doctors the rate of suicide is increasing, but also the increasing rate of addiction to alcohol and drugs. "Doctors over time realize that they do not have any tools to help, and that they kill or have killed their patients," says Coldwell.

"When you enroll in a medical school for the first year or two, you're really excited, you do your best, until you realize that whatever you do, the patient's condition worsens or heals yourself," adds Coldwell who is convinced that much more disease can be cured if patients renounce chemotherapy, and look for an alternative solution, such as preventing the body's acidity!