The Sarajevo-Mostar Railway route is attracting more and more tourists

The Sarajevo-Mostar Railway route is attracting more and more tourists

Driving a railroad from Sarajevo to Mostar, which offers a view of natural beauty, is an indispensable attraction for tourists coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The modernly equipped Talgo train with a significantly improved offer of Railways of the Federation of BiH, which daily runs on the Sarajevo-Mostar-Capljina route from the previous year, was again put into circulation, and after the repair of a railway line was completed a year ago.Liniya Sarajevo-Mostar, which was proclaimed once of the 18 most beautiful in the world according to the choice of the reputable British newspaper "Guardian", this year attracted a large number of foreign tourists.

The British Guardian newspaper has described BH. the lines are extremely attractive and favorable with exceptional areas, especially the Neretva valley. "While the road goes down the valley, the line breaks through the mountains and through the viaducts and numerous tunnels," the author told the text recommending tourists to get an extraordinary experience for a low price.Turkish tourist Yagmur Ozbek from Izmir who loves to travel by train on this sight of travel decided because of the natural beauty offered by this line. "We really liked it, the journey was the way they described it. The beauty of the river is breathless. During the trip you will not be bored and you always have something new and nice to see, real enjoyment, "Ozbek said.

In the train were also tourists from France. Leila Mallem from France is thrilled with natural beauties and greenery in BiH.
"I came to BiH with my sister. When I was exploring what places to visit, we saw that this line is among the most famous in the world, "said Leila. She added that nature is reminiscent of the Alps in France, and that she likes bh. culture, food and people. Fumi Kazuya, a Japanese tourist, also said he was delighted with the landscape and natural beauty that offers a train journey from Sarajevo to Mostar. "We came from Budapest to BiH, our desire is to get to know this country better in the Balkans, we are thrilled with the greenery you own," said Fumi from Japan.

Engineer Ismet Repuh, who has worked for ZFBiH for years, said that this job was inherited from his father, and his father was from his grandfather. He also pointed out the technical characteristics of the Sarajevo-Mostar railway. "The last train station is in Capljina, on its journey the train passes through 99 tunnels on the way to the destination. This line began operating last June 15th. People like to travel by train and are happy with the ride. We will cross the road of 160 kilometers. The train will continue to transport passengers on this line by the end of next month, "Repuh said.

Repuh added that passenger safety is the most important for ZFBiH, and that the train journey in Bosnia and Herzegovina offers a unique opportunity to see the natural beauties and the way it is considered most attractive in Europe. The train that leaves at 7:07 am daily from Sarajevo and returns at 19:45 hours from Mostar is a popular type of transport for many foreign tourists as well as for domestic residents. a every day hundreds of passengers are transported by modern talgo train, which has more than 10 wagons that are air-conditioned and equipped according to the most modern standards. This line offers an opportunity to enjoy the unique nature and landscape of BiH.