Reacting on the announced construction of the Pelješac Bridge

Reacting on the announced construction of the Pelješac Bridge

The announced start of the construction of the Peljesac Bridge is a rough attack on the sovereignty of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a unilateral act that violates its territorial integrity and an act contrary to international law whose epilogue undoubtedly implies an urgent reaction by the competent BH authorities. authorities in order to protect the rights of our country to the undisturbed access to the open sea (international waters).

It was highlighted today at the press conference of the Party of Democratic Action (A-SDA) and the Bosniak Movement of BiH (BPBiH) in Sarajevo, and on the occasion of the official start of the construction of the "Pelješac Bridge", currently the largest infrastructure project in Croatia, which has been drawing attention for a long time Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and the general public. Law Enforcement Expert Nešad Alikadić assessed that the Adriatic Sea for BiH as a maritime country is an inseparable part of its reality, reminding, for example, of the Republic of Slovenia, which in the arbitration procedure successfully defended the right to access to international waters, referring to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea .

Alikadić believes that this example would have to follow BiH and take decisive steps before the competent international court, or to institute a lawsuit in order to protect the right to which it belongs in accordance with international instruments and mechanisms.

"No building can be built at the entrance to the strait, which hinders the vertical and the width of the boat's passage," he said, referring to the provisions of international law, leaving the possibility of accessing the tunnel instead of the bridge.

It is also thought that at this moment it is necessary to urgently file a lawsuit in order to halt the construction of an "illegal barrier", and thereafter the request to the International Court of Law of the Sea in Hamburg to resolve the dispute so that BiH would be provided with a corridor to the open sea, and free navigation. In the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH (PSBiH), Jasmin Emrić reminded in this context that in this House the subject matter was discussed on two occasions and that an appropriate declaration was adopted, which clearly depicts all rights that in terms of access to the open sea belong to BiH.

He noted that, unfortunately, from the executive authorities - the BiH Presidency and the Council of Ministers of BiH do not yet have any information on what they have done on this plan, with the assurances that BiH will use all the rights at its disposal in accordance with the UN Convention on the right of the sea and thus to protect its own sovereignty and territorial integrity.Emrić announced that in connection with the issues discussed, an initiative was initiated to convene an urgent session of the House of Representatives of the PSBiH.

The President of the Bosniak Movement, Sejfudin Tokic, said that in this case, "the act of political aggression on the state of BiH is".

- We are unconcerned by the silence of dozens of ministers, various presidents of the circumstance of denying Bosnia and Herzegovina the right to a free / undisturbed access to the open sea - he said.

The questions in the focus of the press conference were also addressed by the writer, publicist and journalist Nermin Biser and vice-president of the Congolese Bosniak World Ahmed Sejdic, voicing concern over the behavior of the local community in Neum that is not being advertised, although it is a question of vital interest for that part of BiH , and the suspicion that in this case it is not about "some form of political trade." The press conference participants called on all the bourgeois forces and the international community to react appropriately, and the European Union to adhere to the principles it proclaims itself, as well as the Government and the Embassy NR China "does not allow a company of that country to enter into jobs that are not legally defined".

At the same time, they called on the Croatian public and the government to "give up the unilateral act by which the situation in Bosnia and the region as a whole is destabilized in the most direct way." At the press conference, the BiH Presidency Conclusions of 2007 were signed by the then Chairman Nebojša Radmanović, who concluded that before the beginning of the construction of the "Pelješac Bridge" or the achievement of an appropriate agreement, it is necessary to solve the issue of the border between the Bosnia and Herzegovina and R Croatia.

In addition, the Proceedings from the symposium entitled "Defend the Rights of BiH as a Maritime State" was also presented. It was also said that the 1999 Border Treaty, as well as the conclusion of the Commission proposing the height of the bridge, referred to by the Croatian side, has never been have not been ratified or adopted by the competent state institutions of BiH. As previously announced, the Croatian Highways (HAC) will introduce the Chinese company "China Road and Bridge Corporation" (CRBC) on Monday, July 30th, to the construction of the Pelješac bridge, which will officially begin works on the construction of the Pelješac Bridge.

The neighboring countries report that on that day the Chinese contractor will set up a panel with the basic project data on the construction site, ie that in Ston, the representatives of Croatian Roads will hand over the necessary documents to the CRBC Representative Office and open a log of works and sign a record of the introduction of the Chinese consortium in work.