Total control of passengers is launched in the United States: In secret files it records whether you have lost weight, you have been tattooed, or sweated a lot

Total control of passengers is launched in the United States: In secret files it records whether you have lost weight, you have been tattooed, or sweated a lot

George Orwell with his 1984 novel became a little baby for the current situation in America

Striving to minimize the risk of terrorism, US authorities oversee all air travelers, Boston Globe reported. The behavior of all passengers is monitored, not only by those who might be potentially dangerous, which has caused anxiety in a country vulnerable to any endangerment or deterioration of the individual's freedom. The aim of the Quiet Skies program is to collect data on the behavior of air travelers in order to prevent any possible threat to air traffic safety, CNN reports.

It is conducted by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration). Their officers, incognito and civilian interrogated among travelers, record any behavior that anyhow escapes the usual one. "Did you bother or lose weight? Congratulations, TSA is following you now for suspicious activity, "USA Today caricatures. Practically everything is suspicious. If you use a toilet or sleep during the flight, it can be entered into your secret file.

And before you board the plane, officers check to see if you have a file with some of the secret services and investigate how you behaved on previous flights to read the real suspects, he confirmed to TSA's CNN official. Such comprehensive monitoring of air traffic passengers has been carried out since 2010, allegedly with the knowledge of the US Congress. If you're suspicious about anything, you get a security guard for the neck at the airport. He follows you on board and enters you in an airplane. A covert agent records it if it's for you, for example, it's hot, or if you stare at someone coldly. Ha?

On a daily basis, up to 50 passengers on domestic flights are spied on American planes. They follow you when you leave the airplane, and if you do not give them a new reason for a doubt, they will remove you from surveillance within 90 days, according to CBS TV information. They're not supposed to shoot you, they just follow. TSA officials note that if you are trampling on an airplane, sweating heavily, blinking on your eyelids, squeezing or rubbing your palms, Boston Globe reported. Then, if you look different than what is given to conclude from photographs on documents, and even if you sleep during the flight. The agency denied the announcement that it was aimed at ordinary Americans.


"The program is not aimed at controlling ordinary Americans. On the contrary, the goal is to ensure the protection of passengers and crew during the flight, "the TSA said, explaining that the program analyzes information about the habits of air travelers, thus completing the usual methods of air traffic safety. Security personnel monitor behavioral behavior that can be linked to terrorism in any way, TSA explained. But in any case, no one has been subjected to additional controls due to skin color or ethnicity, the US Federal Security Agency said.

After Boston Globe and CNN released information on general air traffic control, US congressmen requested TSA replies. Their officers are in charge of the safety of the aircraft, and are trained to protect each aircraft from terrorists. Now, for the first time, we find out that airbags are also used to control ordinary passengers, reports CBS. Air traffic safety experts are discussing whether it is okay for TSA to conduct surveillance of passengers who are not on any list of potential terrorists.

Among other things, a former TSA employee, whistleblower Robert MacLean, warns that the main job of TSA and air marshals, as in America are called people who provide a plane, should be the protection of cockpit and pilots, and not observations that the passenger is too sweaty, flight, and staring at the legs for a long time.


How exactly do you need to behave so that you do not look suspicious? Monitoring criteria work fluidly, indefinitely, there seems to be a confusion about the implementation of the program in TSA, warns Boston Globe. Once you've behaved suspiciously, you get a security guard for the next year, who has your file with your picture and basic information in your hands. His job is to record everything suspicious: did you suddenly lose weight or become bold, seated, or maybe add a tattoo.

Is it legally subject to passenger control, which is not on any list of potential terrorists, and without a court order? Does the United States turn that into a police state, like the former Stalin Soviet Union, where everyone at any time could be controlled, controlled and arrested, with or without evidence? The idea was that when they already have air marshals to take maximum advantage of controlling not only the already identified suspects, but also those who are in any way suspicious behavior, explains John Pistole, head of the University of Anderson, Indiana, former a FBI employee who from 2010 to 2014 led the TSA, an air traffic control agency.

The action was approved by the US Department of Homeland Security, Pistol claims, as well as all bodies responsible for the protection of human rights. And, are TSA agents with their extra alertness on planes?