The Danish minister's car ran over the migrant woman

The Danish minister's car ran over the migrant woman

One woman was injured during an incident in a refugee camp in Denmark when she jumped under the vehicle in which the Danish minister was and the vehicle did not stop.

The police say that the woman who was driven by the car "was slightly injured".

Danish police evacuated Migrant Inger Stojberg from the deportation center because of an incident that led to her visit. On that occasion a woman dropped onto her car, however the driver continued to drive and then ran over.

The incident was released on the Internet.

According to her, the minister arrived in the deportation center and on that occasion she turned to only one family, which did not like the other tenants of the camp because they all were preparing for her visit. They gathered around her car and bothered her to leave, which was why the security had to be evacuated.

In addition, RT states that rumors circulated that the family visited by the minister in the refugee camp will be granted asylum.

"They made cakes, bought flowers and made posters that said" we are not criminals ". But for all of us, we think that we are problematic, so she did everything she did to visit only one selected family, "one of the residents of refugee camp Valid Rahmati said.

In Denmark, after the refugee crisis of 2015, there are about 20,000 refugees, RT writes.