Educate a really good kid: After this, you will be sure that you have created a man!

Educate a really good kid: After this, you will be sure that you have created a man!

Particularly awful if the child is trying to instill some moral values which are in life just can not hold

We all want our children to be good, but again, can we really say that we know how it works today?

No parent who does not want to raise good, really good kid. A child who will already understand the importance of early -poštenja kindness, respect for self and others, which will be able to show empathy, be polite, courteous and reasonable - but a child can not become itself. What really needs your help to teach them how to really be a good person. So, whatever you do, you have to be their example, because you are the most important adult to whom the child will see.

And judging by experts from Harvard who deal with human relations parents often overlooked precisely this base culture on which should rest based education.

For although every child is an individual and each child learns of a case of their parents, some fundamental things that have shaped the advice would have to be very peculiar to each parent-child relationship.

First spend with them as much time in meaningful communication

Ma however small, children should be present and when mom and dad of serious talks and then when mom and dad jokes. Communication is the way of which the children learn to relate to people and things we experience around us and therefore you should keep with them a lot more talking, with a lot more patience and encouragement to you, for example, recount their whole day. If you do not have the patience to listen to the child or do not know how to draw from the child details that's because it probably never devoted enough time just to adult conversations with them.

When you have guests, do not always insist that the child prone and go somewhere else to play while you're talking big.

2. Be a mentor, not just the one on whom the child will see

The children really respect what ever their parents do, not what the parents are saying that it would be good to work with. Particularly awful if the child is trying to instill some moral values which are in life just can not hold. For example - you want your child to be honest with you and courteous to others, or by yourself maybe more often insult some of his acquaintances, colleagues, bosses. This is an example from which they learn.

Therefore, even if you are aware that their cases do not just only positive things certainly an effort just to both the child and explain. The petty lies, even gossip, abandonment, ignoring, outrage over others - all this at a given time is a lot perhaps a much better decision, or because the child has to learn in that situation all be so set. Clear to them let them know that you are perhaps now mistake in his reaction, or explain that in some situations there is simply no "better" way, but be sure to explain. Hence the children from small start to learn that even a bad reaction can be positive.

3. Send them a clear message that it is always, always good to be courteous

You know what - if you slap a rather give the other cheek than to return the favor. Now, that is an example of a phrase that is slowly losing this our modern, alienated world in which apparently has become a lot easier to react than to stop, think and then react properly. Therefore, cultivate kindness with their children and teach them that the problems can not be solved on the shortcut, instinctively, because there is always the other side that could be affected by your reaction.

4th Teach them to understand - not only to know

How will a child who never had anything to do around the house at all understand how all these everyday little things tough and how much time-consuming and ultimately, how we should appreciate all you are doing for them. How will this concept to understand if you never try, and if you never see how it is, for example, when someone else now becomes dirty or scattered their toys. Only if they have the responsibility to something your own, only then will be able to grasp the concept of accountability in general.

5. Do not teach them that diversity is beautiful - show them why this is so says

Teach a child to appreciate the diversity of the world around them, while their actions send a message that only you only important - contradictory is you will agree. And it is not only advises on any racial, religious or gender grounds - more generally - and therefore to the children of the baby should talk and show how we are all different. Going into a nursing home who do not think that this place is a little gruesome for children - not - because there the child will best understand how older people are helpless.

If you notice in your environment for a child or grown hungry, poor - came upon them with your child, teach the child how to spot to react, asks, he wants to help. This is an example that will teach them about empathy much more than mere stories.

6th enable them to participate, to help others

Although you are not some extra volunteer type, try that way, because of your child, and together with your child to get involved in a humanitarian action, bring them with you to the children's homes, encourage them to themselves come up with a good job. It is work that will soften your heart and learn every single child that really be what you want it to be - well!

7th Encourage them to show all their feelings

Every child just like any grown in many situations has its own internal struggle with feelings and just because you're an adult aware that you such emotions sometimes really know to kill the term, and you feel a lot easier if somewhere really can manifest, tell someone, someone to complain - well, just so function and children. Just as children unlike us do not know that all such internal struggles of normal. They are such situations angry and frustrated and because of that and needs help to your emotions, whatever they may be, express through conversation, through explanation. Teach them to your frustration do not keep to yourself because so help yourself, and also a lot better understand the frustrations of other people around you.