Evil Google Conducts 'Final Solution' to Eliminate Independent Alternative News From Web - ZAUVIJEK!

Evil Google Conducts 'Final Solution' to Eliminate Independent Alternative News From Web - ZAUVIJEK!

In a statement, Google explained that it plans to work with the "news industry" in the fight against "false news" and "build a stronger future for journalism"

In order to save the downfall of the mainstream media and prevent the public from getting news somewhere else, Google's advertising and search engines plan to invest $ 300 million in a new algorithm that threatens to permanently destroy the alternative news industry for all its intentions and purposes.

The program, known as the "Google News Initiative", will redirect advertising dollars back to the major publishers and away from many upcoming news releases from the Wall Street propaganda machine, NaturalNews writes.

Google says it will work with publishers to "raise the level of accuracy, content quality and stop the disinformation flow" - which is actually just a synonym for censorship.

If Google is implementing its plan - and if nothing can stop them at this time - then you can say goodbye to websites of all the alternate and independent portals that will probably not meet Google's "truth" standards.

Google will quickly become the sole participant in what constitutes "quality journalism", which will be placed at the top of the list in search engines, and everything else will be de-prioritized.

In a statement, Google explained that it plans to work with the "news industry" to fight "false news" and "build a stronger future for journalism."

The company will partner with established mainstream media outlets such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Financial Times and the media mogul Gannett Company, Inc. to carry out their plan.

"The initiative will include a new internet lab that will anly analyze what is considered" wrong and disinforming during elections and news "; a fact-finding partnership will be held by Stanford University and a corporate media non-profit group such as the Local Media Association and the Poynter Institute; and a new service that should speed up the subscription of the readers to news-paying news sites, among other new projects, "- Mint Press Elliott Gabriel, a journalist, explains about the upcoming changes.

The supposedly "Russian interference" in the 2016 presidential election is used as an excuse for Internet censorship
This sudden move by Google's Internet censorship is largely due to hysteria because of alleged "Russian interference" in the 2016 presidential election.

Hillary Clinton and her brains of brain-washed brawls were somehow convinced that the Kremlin surrendered to the Donald Trump elections, and since then, there has been a tremendous turnaround in order to control the flow of information online and to prevent such a scenario from repeating itself.

By lending left-wing pressure to "do something" in response to these alleged accusations, Google has promised to change its algorithm to suppress information that the liberals do not like while supporting the information they like.

Google will, in essence, become the Ministry of Propaganda of the Left, as Google maintains a terrifying monopoly over digital content.

In the meantime, independent media will continue to observe how their readers' traffic is directed elsewhere, which will make it much more difficult for them to stop the mainstream media's official story on any issue in the public domain.

The press will regain full control over the flow of information, and all information that is opposed to it will be sanctioned as "false news" and blocked in the search results.

Times in which former chairman of the Executive Board of Google, Eric Schmidt, claimed that politicians and others should accept the Internet and "enable innovation to flourish" rather than try to suppress, are far behind us.

But now his company has succumbed to corporate and state pressures to counter freedom of speech, all working for the benefit of all government and corporate control over the "news".

"This new model generously favors those who see information and journalism as a trade," added Gabriel.

"This constitutes a major threat not only to the ability of internet users to access information, but also the capabilities of citizens and social movements who hope to communicate, engage and influence political and economic activities that determine our lives and destinies of communities around the world. "