Yugoslavia - Bulgaria Mladen Delic 30 years ago, "Man, is it possible?" Video:

   Mladen Delic 30 years ago, "Man, is it possible?"

Mladen Delić prije 30 godina: „Ljudi moji, je li to moguće?“

 30 years ago , on this day , the former Yugoslav national football team won the advent of the Euro 1984th in France . The last qualifier Yugoslavia 21 December in 1983. The playing against Bulgaria . She needed a win and eventually won by 3:2 .


But this game will be remembered by the reaction of the legendary commentators Mladen Delic , who said , "Man is it possible , it's crazy , what is this ... " And now recounts the often mentioned this sentence a man who was and is role model to younger colleagues .


Ljubomir Radanović goal in the 90th minute meant passing the Euro 1984th , but the dramatic course of the meeting , whose participants as players were current coach Safet Susic BiH and former player ARU Mehmed Bazdarevic , this game ranked among the significant events in the ex-Yugoslavian sports history .


The shock - game grandmaster of football and then one of the best players in Europe Safet Susic gave two goals for Yugoslavia, while the Bulgarians hit the Iskrenov and Dimitrov .


Yugoslavia point meant nothing as neither Bulgarians . In the event of a tie , none of these selections would not go to the European Championship ( Wales would then be first in the group ) and how they entered the finishing details such as Yugoslavs and Bulgarians alternately missin the counterattack chances , because they both are bustled by an opposing naked.


At the present time a panel of judges , who then was not sure , when everyone expected the end of the stadium Poljud , Zlatko Vujovic has centered the ball Bulgarians and Partizan Montenegrin Ljubomir Radanović to score a goal for insanity .


" Oh, boy is it possible , it's crazy , what is this ..." uttered the legendary commentator Mladen Delic . The legendary sentence is still often mentioned . With these matches are still recounted Delic comments like : " I 'm Safete ... " , " What a drama ..." " There's no time for anything ... " , " shaking the bleachers ... " . See how it all looked ...

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