Predictive programming for brainwashing: Are Simpsons predicted Trump, 11/9 and ISIL? (VIDEO)

Predictive programming and subliminal conditioning mark showing future events through the media to the same later was easily acceptedAfter the video drawn from episodes of the cult animated series 'The Simpsons' in 2000 when Bart goes thirty years in the future and as the President sees Donald Trump on the stairs (the same scene is recorded during the current campaign) - many mainstream portals for the first time are actualized dates 'predictive programming.Preventive programming as sensitizing masses

Of course, such as in this case, mostly related to the practice of Simpson's so prominent and episodes of Ebola epidemic (1997), the method of detection of 'God particle' Higgs boson (1998), the flag 'Syrian opposition' before the same and was created (2001), 11/9 attacks and many others.Well, what's this about? Many like the final stage of the New World project are called. 'Predictive programming' and subliminal conditioning. It means' to show future events through the media to the same later was easily accepted.

'Things or ideas that the other side were seen as bizarre, vulgar, undesirable or impossible are inserted in the films within the framework of fantasy. When the viewer looks at movies, his mind is open to suggestions and begin conditioning ', defined by Allan Watt.
'Hollywood is a magic wand that is used to throw magic on the audience that by not expected. The same films that are designed to program the average person, can give the viewer a better understanding of the work and plans of the world plan. For this reason, the predictive programming in fact a powerful suggestion that elites in the media or fiction creates the desired outcome, "concludes Watt.

Hollywood loves propaganda

This subtly-perfidious form of conditioning aka dressage people per watt so easily visible in all aspects of pop culture. It also mentioned a number of films that gave some idea of the future, more and more visible in the present. 'I, Robot' from 2004, with Will Smith in the lead role, was created by the eponymous literary template Asimov also gives an insight into a police state and problems in the development of robots - relating to ethics and decisions.

A similar example is the new version of 'Robocop' which presents the topic of drones on American streets. Film 'Conspiracy theories' of 1997 deals with the puck display conspiracy theorists, the concept of conspiracy theories and labeling with profiling people who make such hypotheses. Today, all may already know, but sixteen years ago this trend and speculation about the bigger picture were not part of mainstream media nor the program.

As despite frequent evidence and information which in the end proves to be true conspiracy theorists observed as 'paranoid', the film is the Watt made what was intended. 'The 46', 'Equilibrium', 'Matrix' and numerous other films just an additional motive for such thoughts.
Today is such a common display holographic technology ( 'The Great and Powerful', 'Jack, the killer of giants'), unmanned aerial vehicles ( "They live', 'Oblivion'), as well as possible 'false flag' attacks ( 'Olympus Has Fallen') or entire social systems ( 'hunger Games'). Is it paranoia and coincidence or truth and faith, time will tell.