Very rare cases of fathers exercise this right are most often caused by much higher-income mothers.Labour Law FBiH and the Law on social protection, protection of civilian victims of war and families with children in KS-in provides that fathers are entitled to maternity leave. In practice, few fathers who use it.

- And earlier labor law is the right of any feasible and for fathers, however, was the result of the death of the mother, child abandonment and other justified cases, as contained in the new law.


The new Labour has now resolved this issue and the way that women must use at least 42 days of maternity leave, but after that period may be used by the father, if they agree, they explained us in the Ministry of Labour KS. Very rare cases of fathers use parental leave are most often caused by much higher-income mothers, unemployment father etc. According to unofficial data, the five year fathers use this feature, but only in the last year's average, per month on maternity leave for working mothers was 1,727, and 1,910 unemployed. As mothers and fathers receive monthly fees, according to Liberation.

Compensation in lieu of salary in the amount of minimum wages are exercise mothers or fathers who are at least 12 months of employment. Women mothers who have signed a work contract for at least 12 months before going on maternity leave entitled to a compensation of 180 KM.


At the same amount, 180 KM per month are entitled and women who are full-time students.

- Employed mothers receive compensation from 388 hp to 425 hp depending on the fund of working hours, which is moving from 168 to 180 hours. This amount shall be paid and the related taxes and contributions from 235 to 257 hp, so that the compensation for women who are in paid employment from 628 to 643 hp. Employed mothers who have concluded a contract of employment less than one year receive a fee of 180 KM and taxes and contributions -, signed in the Ministry of Labour KS.