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Život je lep

Život je lep! Mnogo lepši nego sto ste zaslužili! Uživajte u životu, kad ste već imali sreće da se rodite! Tako ste slučajno i lako došli do života, a toliko ste mu pronašli mana! Ko ume da se raduje - ima čemu da se rad… »

Mika Antic

"Ako se ikada zaljubis, zaljubi se u nekoga ko zeli da zna tvoju omiljenu boju i kakvu kafu pijes. Zaljubi se u nekog ko voli nacin na koji se smejes i ko ce apsolutno sve uciniti da te nasmeje. Zaljubi se u nekog k… »

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MUP KS sells 105 vehicles: Golf 3 - 300 KM, Golf 5 - 850 KM

On the basis of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly Decision, the Government of KS approved the sale of motor vehicles through public bidding. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Sarajevo Canton and the Police Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo will auction the auction through the auction according to the system of oral auction of 105 vehicles: The right to participate in the auction procedure (oral auction system) is available to all legal and natural persons, except employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo, who paid a bail in the amount of… »

Financial malversations of political parties in BiH

The Central Election Commission of BiH, after the Information on the conducted review, control and audit of the financial reports of political parties for 2015, announced the initiation of a procedure for determining responsibility and possibly sanctioning political parties for violating the law. Whether these are big parties of state power and the opposition, or those that fill up municipal offices, irrelevant, malversations are noticeable in most audit reports. Amendments to the Law on Financing of the Parties have a place, but the question is who it is in the interest. A new report, new evi… »

US bombers flew near North Korea

US Army bombers escorting combat aircraft flies through an international airspace above the waters east of North Korea. "This is the longest in the north of the demilitarized zone above which any American combat aircraft or bombareder flew over North Korea in the 21st century, indicating the seriousness with which we understand the ruthless behavior of Pyongyang," said Pentagon spokeswoman Dayne White. The Chinese Agency for Seismology announced earlier that the earthquake that was previously registered in North Korea did not originate from a nuclear explosion but has characteristics of a natu… »

Bosanka - English Baronesa!

Arminka Helic, one of the seven women in the House of Lords who entered the House of Commons of the British Parliament as a lifelong member after being named Queen Elizabeth II of England as Baroness for merit for the United Kingdom in August 2014. This position provides extremely high power when considering that you can effectively influence the passing of laws and create future internal and foreign policy moves of the United Kingdom. Arminka Helic was born in Gracanica, and she went to Britain as a refugee in 1992, after which she completed a number of prestigious schools to eventually gradu… »

'YOU ARE A TOTAL TOTAL SECRET' - the Serbian representative opened the gay lobby in 10 minutes and raised millions to his feet! (VIDEO)

Although the place of events is not Croatia, the battle with a gay lobby is identical with us, but it is already completely lost! These days, the debate on Gay Pride, the rights of homosexuals in Serbia and the Serbian Parliament is taking place in the media, at the top of the Government, and the same battle that the Croats led several years ago, and unfortunately, lost, and they are not even aware of what happened. Namely, the most attention in Serbia was caused by parliamentary representative Boško Obradović, who, with his speech on the gay lobby, rained many dusts, but also raised millions… »

Trump in the UN: S. Korea and Iran are a threat to the world

US President claims North Korea and Iran are regrettable regimes, and urged to reject threats in the world US President Donald Trump said in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly in New York that "depravity regimes" is a threat to the world. In his first speech to the UN, Trump said that "sovereign and strong countries are the basis of the world order" and repeated his pre-election promise that "America is at the forefront". "Departure regimes are a threat to other countries, but also to their nations," Trump said, adding that "such regimes help expanded terrorist networks." As a "wa… »

All Dodik referendums!

RS President Milorad Dodik's policy of "I will want to, I will not," finally got his head on his head. The first referendum on the three announced, the one on the Day of the Republic of Srpska and the bloody celebration of that entity, St. Stefan, was never published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, and legally it came as if it were not. Just when the opposition was waiting for its few minutes to be liked, because the results are not published in the Official Gazette, although this referendum has already been declared by the SNSD politicians as the greatest triumph of its p… »

Guterres: A world in fear of a nuclear war with S. Korea

The UN Secretary General warned that the fear of the outbreak of nuclear war at the highest level in the last decades. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned today at the opening of the General Assembly of the UN General Assembly in New York that the fear of the world from the outbreak of nuclear war at the highest level in the last decade. Guterres has said this to hundreds of world leaders, at a session dominated by the crisis in North Korea. "Millions of people live in fear as a result of provocative nuclear and missile tests of North Korea," Guterres said. He condemned nu… »

August passed my luck, the time to part ... / 31 years since the death of Aljoša Buhe, the bass player of the group Crvena jabuka

On September 18, 1986, he was fake for members of the Red Apple group. That day, on the way to Mostar, the bass player Aljosa Buha and the young singer Drazen Richel were known as Zijo or Para. The accident happened in Jablanica, in the curve that still houses a memorial plaque for the dead young men. Aljoša Buha was killed on the spot, and Dražen Richle was transferred to a helicopter on the Belgrade MMA. He died on October 1 due to an accident. He is buried in Sarajevo at the cemetery of Bara. Aljoša Buha was born in Zenica on January 4, 1962. He was an artistic soul, an outstanding musician… »

JMBG is abolished: Because of the European Union, BiH has to introduce the OIB instead of the ID number

Due to the misuse or illegal processing of a unique identification number and for the protection of personal data of citizens, BiH will have to pass a law at the state level for the purpose of joining the EU, introducing a unique identification number, such as in Croatia, for example, the OIB. The application of a Personal Identification Number (OIB), a unique identifier for citizens and businesses, occurs for political and technical reasons, despite warnings that the Agency for the Protection of Personal Data is repeatedly in its reports. Unlike the previous unique ID number (JMBG), which con… »