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Toliko želimo onog nekog pored sebe da se to na kraju pretvori u očaj. Tolika je potreba za onim nekim pravim, da postanemo slijepi za sve one znakove koji nam govore da to nije ta osoba.Varamo sami sebe. I to tako dobro… »

Pandora Ebony Fri low-priced

Pandora Ebony Fri low-pricePandora Ebony Fri low-pricedPandora Ebony Fri low-pricedPandora Ebony Fri low-pricedPandora Ebony Fri low-pricedPandora Ebony Fri low-pricedPandora Ebony Fri low-pricedPandora Ebony Fri low-pri… »

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Saturday is a non-working day for marking the BiH Statehood Day

The Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy informs that the Law on the proclamation of the 25th of November of the Statehood Day of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina established that on 25 November - Statehood Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a national holiday, and on that day state bodies, companies and other legal entities do not work. Accordingly, 25 November - Statehood Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina is celebrated as a national holiday only one day, on the day of the national holiday, the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy announced. Given that this November 25th falls o… »

The next time you can not remember some information, this is because your brain is shaken. Here's what you need to know about it.

Information retention depends on person to person and its attention If you randomly say the numbers 1593657292759384310479, how many of these numbers can you remember from the first? According to scientists, you will only have seven numbers and it depends on our working memory. Our working memory in the brain is not so great, but it's important as the fact that we need to be aware of how much information we can keep at once at it. Information retention depends on person to person and its attention. The more attention we attach to some information, so we will easily remember it. The next time y… »

Google is going to war! It will degrade your articles on the Internet so that readers can not find them.

Google has started as a search engine, and it is shown by the latest statements that it is a search engine in which we will search less and less in the future Eric Schmidt, executive president of Google's parent company Alphabet, said the company would "produce" special algorithms for the most famous Russian RT ports and Sputnik to make their articles less prominent in the search engine and in news services "We are working on discovering and degrading those types of websites - such as RT's website and Sputnik," Schmidt said during the Halifax International Security Forum in Canada on Saturday… »

Ratko Mladic sentenced to life imprisonment 18+ !!!

Ratko Mladic was sentenced to life imprisonment by a first instance verdict. <span id="selection-marker-1" class="redactor-selection-marker"></span> Condemning the sentence of life imprisonment in the first-instance verdict of the former commander of the Main Staff of the Republika Srpska Army, Ratko Mladić, the presiding judge of the Hague Tribunal Judge Alphonso Orie, concluded that the crimes that Mladic was sentenced to be among the gravest crimes known to mankind. Of the 11 counts of the indictment, the Chamber ruled that Ratko Mladic was not guilty of genocide in relation to… »

A Turkish journalist has been dismissed for insulting Bosniaks

Rasim Ozan Kutahyali sent heavy, insulting and vulgar words to the Bosniak people, reacted by numerous officials, politicians, athletes, non-governmental organizations ... Turkish journalist, columnist and sports commentator Rasim Ozan Kutahyali has been fired on Beyaz TV after using offensive and offensive words at the expense of Bosniaks. On November 19, Kutahyaly spoke in a sports show on Beyaz television and sent heavy, offensive and vulgar words to the Bosniak people. Beyaz, the editor-in-chief of sports on television Beyaz, editor and head of the Derin Futbol Ertem Sener broadcast, confi… »

ANSWER TO 'CULTURAL COMFORT' FROM EAST: Sweden organizes first music festival 'No Men', tickets go on sale in December.

The first non-male music festival organized in response to sexual harassment and rape at concerts in Sweden will be held by the end of next summer Tickets will be available for sale in two weeks, according to an ironic announcement published on the International Men's Day. Swedish comedian Emma Knyckare came up with the idea of a musical festival without men in July after the Bravalla festival canceled for reports of sexual assaults and rape charges. Then the Swedish comedian proposed a "really cool festival where only women were welcome," but she did not even dream what kind of support and su… »

UNIVERSITY STANFORD: Frozen lemon is much more powerful than chemotherapy

Frozen lemons are much more powerful than chemotherapy in the fight against cancer, according to a new study by Stanford University that is desperately hiding by Pharmaceutical companies The study has shown that strong nutrients in the lemon bark can destroy cancer cells in 12 types of cancer, including some of the deadliest - prostate, colon, pancreas, and lungs. Explaining that the most important way to consume lemon to freeze it and then consume it together with its curd, researchers say that we are terribly wrong when it comes to lemon bark, which is actually much healthier than the rest o… »

Lawyer: Ratko Mladic is very bad, he can not walk

It is possible that indictee, former RS Army commander Ratko Mladic, will not appear on Wednesday, November 22, on the pronouncement of the verdict before the Hague Tribunal, due to a very poor health condition, said Srni, one of the defense attorneys, Branko Lukic. "We were visiting him today, it's bad, he can not walk, he is carrying it, he's wearing it. Man is really not good," said lawyer Lukic. He pointed out that the defense did not deal with any tricks, but because it saw that Mladic was really not good, he started insisting on his treatment. "I do not know whether Mladic can now come t… »

Do you feel the cell vibrates even though nobody calls you?

Many mobile phone users focus entirely on signaling messages and incoming calls for focusing purposes. However, it is precisely at that time that the so-called " "phantom vibration" - a feeling that a message or a call has arrived on the device, although this is not the case. According to an earlier survey from Taiwan, 95 percent of mobile phone owners felt phantom cell vibrations, and as many as 84 percent of them had heard that their cell phone was ringing, although this was not the case. A similar thing is true for mobile phones equipped with signaling LEDs - how many times does it happen t… »

If at the first meeting you feel these four emotions then that person is right for you

When we come out with someone at the first meeting, we usually observe it as an optional meeting and meeting, as if we were getting a new friend. Thinking about what will happen after each first meeting and whether there will be another, is caught by a panic that is typical of such situations. We wonder where we will meet, whether we will share an account or he will be the one who will pay; will we kiss, talk too much, and laugh too much? On the other hand, there are also first meetings that are completely relaxed and spontaneous. If you are familiar with the following feelings after the first… »