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Vrisak ocajnika....

"Oh, naišla je neka bura, nevrijeme bjesni u meni… Koliko toga ti imam reći, toliko toga se nataložilo i čuči u mračnoj zabiti duše, mozga, ko bi ga znao gdje… I sve želi izaći na svjetlo, tjera ga nad… »

dva ludila

Postoje ljudi od kojih smo zavisni. Navucemo se na njih pa postaju nasa bolest i nas lijek .Ubijaju nas pa nas lijjece a lijece nas samo da bi nas imali sto duze i uvijek da nas iznova ubiju .To je poput droge najace ,he… »

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Children's festival / Popular "Elif" again in BiH: Here I feel at home

The children's festival, which will be organized in Zenica on April 26, organized by the Yunus Emre Institute, will be attended by more than 6,000 children from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. These are students who learned the Turkish language within the project "My Choice is Turkish". Besides the organizer of the "Yunus Emre" Institute, this year's festival is being held under the auspices of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, the Ministry of Education of Turkey, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Embassy in BiH. In the rich cultural and enterta… »

About Fortuna

Because of the threat of a cancellation of the creditor assembly, most workers of the former Fortune did not come Of the 970 former employees of the Gracanic Fortune, only 123 of them attended today's hearing of the Assembly of Creditors, which was insufficient for the dismissal of the bankruptcy manager of this factory, Mehmed Krainović. They still made clear their position at the last bargain, that Krainović did not work in the interests of the workers, because until now none of their rights have been fulfilled. "Most of the workers are prevented from coming to this Assembly because they wer… »

Quiet protests of the disenfranchised workers of fortune Gracanica

And this is Gracanica and this is life. On one side, on the occasion of the opening of the Grapos Expo fair, peaceful protests across the street.On the first day of the Grapos Expo fair, held this year for the first time in Fering, symbolically, across the street, the disunited Fortune workers announced and held a peaceful protest, seeking to draw attention to themselves and their problems. Nail Mujakovic told us at the beginning of the problem of the peaceful protest, but the protest was still held.They were again backed by ordinary citizens, demobilized fighters, pensioners, and today in fro… »

US Embassy: Matviyenko presented false and unfounded allegations

Frauds from the US Embassy in BiH said after the yesterday's address by Valentina Matviyenko, President of the Federation Council of the Federation of the Russian Federation Valentina Matviyenko, at the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH. The US Embassy says that the commitment of the United States to Bosnia and Herzegovina as a sovereign, multiethnic state and its Euro-Atlantic future is well known and does not require any further clarification.They also emphasize that Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens know that the United States was and will always remain their true… »

BiH took over from Slovenia chairing SEECP

Today, Bosnia and Herzegovina took over from Slovenia the Presidency of the South East Europe Cooperation Process (SEECP) in Brdo near Kranj. Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Denis Zvizdić, said that the one-year chairmanship of the largest regional forum will be a great obligation and an incentive for contributing to regional cooperation. Speaking to the audience, Zvizdic said that SEECP's main objectives are, among other things, the strengthening of security, stability, a good political environment, and economic relations and cooperation in the areas of democracy and justice. He… »

Identified striker in Toronto, the attack motive is unknown

According to the Canadian Minister of Public Security, the Toronto attack has nothing to do with the issue of national security. Thousands of people are suspected of attacking a van on a pedestrian in Toronto, in which, according to the latest data, 10 people were killed and 15 injured, is 25-year-old Alek Minassian, a Canadian television CBC reported on Monday. The driver of a rented white van deliberately broke into a crowd of people in the northern part of Toronto, police and hospital sources said. The driver is in custody, the police announced. According to the head of the police, the moti… »

We are kidding ourselves with the diasporas, but we do not see ourselves

If someone, on the other hand, someone who does not live here asked me - What kind of people are we, perhaps the best answer would be that we are people who live between extreme good and extreme evil. By Nataša Gaon Grujić If someone, on the other hand, someone who does not live here asked me - What kind of people are we? I would say first that we are good. I would certainly say that we are people who have a soul, although there is no scientific evidence of the existence of a soul, and then I would put my hand on the chest, because here we all felt the pain and said - "My soul hurts." I would… »

Mostar: A gang of minors beat a 13-year-old girl, parents are searching for an investigation

The parents of the juvenile have threatened to take matters into their hands and count if violence persists, and the institutions do not react. Not long after a thirteen-year-old girl was beaten at the beginning of the month, Mostar began to circulate a letter writing a group of unnamed parents warning of the existence of peacetime violence of the alleged street gang consisting of eight juvenile offenders. This letter was sent to numerous addresses, from the police, through the city authorities, to the Ombudsman's Office, and urgent action was taken urgently. Otherwise parents have threatened… »

There are people out there: More and more good friends are running their heads regardless of this country

All of them are more out of the way and we are not able to stop them, no one is able to do it. I thought you had to be a furious mazohista to love something or someone who does not love you. And this country does not like its people. That's why they make them go. All my friends go away, the speed at which everything unfolds is incredible. We'll stay alone ... I was not surprised when they told me they were leaving. I was surprised by the speed of their departure. "This week we are going for a visa, and in a month we went," they told me. In the meantime, visa has arrived. Both are medical worke… »

Every time I get sick when I come to BiH, I feel like a cash machine: Everybody wants to scratch, even for German candy ...

And so it's always, since the first day of my departure to Germany. I can not wait to come home, to see the closest, remember my childhood and youth, and then, every time the same. Stupid questions and subtle hand. Really like they're falling from the branches Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the countries that can boast a huge and diabolical diaspora. But also, it is a country that does not use its diaspora, which takes away not only what is superficial - money and gifts. There is no systematic work with emigrants, and everything is reduced to payments and payments. It is not necessary to hid… »