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dva ludila

Postoje ljudi od kojih smo zavisni. Navucemo se na njih pa postaju nasa bolest i nas lijek .Ubijaju nas pa nas lijjece a lijece nas samo da bi nas imali sto duze i uvijek da nas iznova ubiju .To je poput droge najace ,he… »


Bio jednom jedan mali dečak koji je imao jako lošu narav. Otac, videvši to, dade mu jednog dana punu kesu eksera i reče: ,,Svaki put kada pobesniš i izgubiš kontrolu nad sobom zakucaj jedan ekser u ovu ogradu." Prvo… »

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Famous: It also linked humanitarian work to Bosnia; Angelina Jolie responded to the critics

Angelina Jolie, a Hollywood actress, has particularly frustrated her criticism of her humanitarian work. Many years have been challenged by her humanitarian work, which in some way ties with Bosnia as well, considering that she is working to show her the best possible light in front of the audience in the world. Nevertheless, she had a message for all those who had her work in that area brought to doubt and blabbered him. "If you do not feel useful and do something to make people feel better about you, then at one point you will realize that you are not really happy. You will have a futile lif… »

Futurology: Everyone born after 1970 has the chance to live longer

Age and mortality could soon be just old news, at least to believe in one of the world's leading futures, Dr. Ian Pearson. He predicts that science will so much advance until 2050 that people will be able to survive the limitations of their physical body. Namely, with the help of genetic engineering, scientists will be able to prolong their expected aging by slowing down cell aging or even rejuvenating them, "Daily Mail reports. "If you are under the age of 50, the chances of eternal life are pretty good for you. If you are younger than 40, such technology will surely be expected in the future… »

After the divorce: Emina Jahovic celebrated her son's birthday without Mustafa Sandal

Emina Jahovic and Mustafa Sandal do not stop intruding the public since they have confirmed that they are divorced. There are many speculations about the reasons for their divorce, but the two agree that their love has come to an end because of which they decided to put the point on their marriage. Emina has already said that it is most important for her children not to feel the absence of one of their parents, but that has already happened on Friday evening because Mustafa did not appear at the birthday of Juvia's youngest son. "I do not know what the reason was he was not there.It's a good i… »

At the border crossings in BiH, placed a table with the inscription "Do not turn the son"

The tables were placed at all border crossing points in all three languages, so that no one would feel neglected. The Government of BiH has allocated two million marks to set up signboards at all border crossings from BiH. The goal and the message is clear, and the authorities do not want young people to feel the bother of conscience."Young people from our country are grieving in their eyes because they know how to leave their parents and families here. This is how we will send them a clear message that they should not be bothered by conscience, and that they will decisively and categorically… »

After the Sarajevo hotel bh. basketball players and a fierce Russian minus

The temperature is far below zero Basketball teams of BiH arrived in Perm this morning to play a qualifying match for the World Cup against Russia's domestic selection.Expectedly, our selection in Russia was a big minus. The temperature in this city was as much as 18 degrees below zero, ie minus is higher than the average at this time of year. However, the hotel where the bh. basketball player, unlike the one in Sarajevo, at least has heating. Although the road was long, the team of Dusko Vujošević will have a chance to rest for a long time before the tomorrow's match.The Russians in the match… »

Begovic in a desperate edition, Bournemouth rescued defeat

Bad reaction bh. goalkeeper Asmir Begović was not brilliant today at the goal of Bournemouth. His team downgraded 2-2 with Newcastle, and bh. the goalkeeper made bad reactions to allow guests to do a great job in the first 45 minutes. Two bad reactions of Asmir Begovic enabled Dwight Gayle to score two goals in the first half for the lead of Svrak from 0: 2. However, the home team was saved in the final of the match with goals from Smith and Gosling for the final 2: 2. Liverpool beat West Ham 4-1 at Anfield. Can, Salah, Firmino and Mane scored for home, while an honorable goal for the guests w… »

Black and white world: How was it to live in Sarajevo in 1961?

Thanks to the amateur recording of the Banja Luka professor, painter and photographer Aleksandar Boka (1896-1968) today we have the opportunity to see what the former Sarajevo looked like. The amateur video of Sarajevo (mostly Bistrica) was created in the spring of 1961 with the Zeiss Ikon Movikon 8 film camera.The picture shows people who lived in the old Sarajevo streets and everyday life they were running.See how Sarajevo once looked: <span id="selection-marker-1" class="redactor-selection-marker"></span&am… »

Bh. paradoxes. Less and more people, an ever-increasing economy: BiH has achieved export and import growth

In January, Bosnia and Herzegovina achieved exports worth KM 906 million, which is 25.4 percent more than in January last year, while imports amounted to KM 1,255 billion, up by 24.2 percent. Import coverage by export was 72.2 percent, while the foreign trade deficit amounted to KM 349 million, data from the BiH Statistics Agency.Exports to CEFTA countries in January amounted to 130 million KM, which is 33.9 percent more than in the same month last year, while imports amounted to 140 million KM, which is 25 percent more. The coverage of imports by exports with CEFTA countries was 92.6 percent.… »

Jenny Shimizu / How today is the woman with whom Angelina Jolie almost ended up in marriage

Angelina Jolie has been a lover of actress Jenny Shimizu for a year in which she fell in love as soon as she met. Today she is her ex-girlfriend in a happy marriage with Michelle Harper. Angelina once said: "If I did not marry my wife at the time, I would marry Jenny. I fell in love with her the same second I saw her."Their relationship lasted until Angelina met with men, and only in 2003 publicly spoke about her bisexuality. Jenny was a supermodel and actress. She was the face of Calvin Klein CK1 and was the first Asian woman to work for Prada on Sundays. She played in Foxfire, Itty Bitty Tit… »

"Ironmaker" passed away Nazif Mujić, winner of the Silver Bear in Berlin

The winner of the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival 2013 for the role in the film "Episode in the Life of the Beginner of Iron" directed by Danis Tanović Nazif Mujić, died this morning. Dzhenaza and burial will be performed at the Roma mass grave in Svatovac, in the municipality of Lukavac, confirmed Mehmed Mujić, a member of the Council of National Minorities of the Federation of BiH and an associate for Roma issues in the Tuzla Canton. In an effort to secure his family, wife Senada and children Shemsi, Sandra and Danis a better life, he went to Germany twice, where he tried to stay, bu… »