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Sretosmo smo se k’o neznanci na stranici bloga, vrlo brzo našla si put do srca moga. Tvoje reči napisane behu kao melem, volela si kao i ja pesmu: ” Đelem, đelem.” Setna, tiha, puna tuge u glasu pevača, reči ne znam, a d… »

Danas, sutra, juče

Kiša pada k'o suze iz oka za ljubavlju starom kad se tuži , promašaji životni kad stignu srce samo za kucanje služi. Sadašnjost je srcu nevidljiva, ne oseća šta sutra donosi, čovek pruža ruke prema juče malo sreće t… »

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Inter will be shocked when they hear this figure: Perez announced the price for Modric

Give steam and Luke can go ... These days, intense speculations have begun on the potential transfer of Luka Modric from Real Madrid to Inter, and some Italian media have even said they are negotiating a lot about it. The first man of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, however, does not want to stay without Modric, so it is clear that all those interested have to make a good decision if they want to carry out his transfer, but it seems to cost you a lot more than anyone could imagine. Corriere dello Sport even wrote that there is a possibility of bringing a 32-year-old Croatian midfielder from Rea… »

10 Most Complex Ingredients in Vaccines Produced in 2018

The year is 2018, and it would be nice to praise science and medicine that came "so far", but this is impossible with vaccines that have so many side effects, especially in newborns, infants and children The theory of the vaccine is legitimate, and the idea that doctors who attend eight years of medical school recommend vaccines - it sounds convincing, but today's vaccine ingredients that cause imbalance in the nervous and immune system in the body should cause a health alert that is about life or death. The problem with questioning the vaccine is that the critical attitude towards the vaccine… »

Research has shown: Keep moving and continue learning and reading if you want to live longer

A recent study published in Nature Communications has revealed that staying in shape and continually learning new things can extend the life span of a person A team of researchers at the University of Edinburgh has collected data from more than 600,000 people, as well as records of their parents' life expectancy as part of the study. The research team was able to identify certain factors that greatly affect life expectancy. The results have shown that smoking cigarettes and diabetes-related markers play a central role in reducing the person's life expectancy. According to findings, people who… »

She travels to Germany: She has been 100 years old, healthy as a dren, and does what most of us do not do ...

Why do you prolong my passport only for so many years, why not give me a lifetime extension? Who will come here again for ten years - she asked and conquered the sympathy of all the employees of the Croatian Consulate in Mostar a few months ago from the grandmother of Mara Sušac from Mostar settlement Ilići.Mara is on the threshold of 100th birthday and she is the only person with so many years asking for a passport extension at this consulate.Sending a request for a passport extension was roamed by Benjamin, who was born in Germany and is studying in Mostar. "They told us at the Consulate tha… »

Total control of passengers is launched in the United States: In secret files it records whether you have lost weight, you have been tattooed, or sweated a lot

George Orwell with his 1984 novel became a little baby for the current situation in America Striving to minimize the risk of terrorism, US authorities oversee all air travelers, Boston Globe reported. The behavior of all passengers is monitored, not only by those who might be potentially dangerous, which has caused anxiety in a country vulnerable to any endangerment or deterioration of the individual's freedom. The aim of the Quiet Skies program is to collect data on the behavior of air travelers in order to prevent any possible threat to air traffic safety, CNN reports. It is conducted by the… »

'Explosive Situation': Pro-migrant voluntary associations forced to end their humanitarian work in Paris due to violence

Tensions between asylum-seekers and police, aggressive drug addicts, and inactivity of the government-made an unstable atmosphere in the Paris district that forced pro-migrant organizations to stop their volunteer work for immigrants Solidarite Migrants Wilson distributes food to migrants next to Porte de la Chapelle in 18th district in Paris for 20 months. But since August 1st, the group has decided to stop their work because they can not cope with the growing level of violence in the area. "From the beginning, our mission was to serve hot drinks and bread and we did it for 20 months, every d… »

We are all closer to Sweden: The illegal immigrant attacked a CROATIAN policeman with a knife

A police officer issued a command in the Croatian and English language to the attacker to dismiss the knife and stop, but the attacker ignored the order Police in the control of the Croatian state border near Vaganj spotted a group of five persons crossing the state border from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Croatia outside the border crossing, and one of the illegal workers went to a police officer, the Croatian police spotted the surveillance of the state border of the Republic of Croatia in Vagancan by a night vision device. According to information from the Ličko-Senj Police Directorate, when t… »

The best Hungarian prime minister in history has denied that Angela Merkel will not order us who will move and live in Hungary!

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban says Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel is not responsible for Hungary's refugee policy Orban said that national governments should decide how much the refugee will receive. "When it comes to the question of who can live in Hungary, Merkel is not responsible for this," Orban said in an interview with Bild late last night, broadcast today by Politico. He also says he would be expelled from the prime minister's office when he would conduct a refugee policy similar to Merkel's policy. He warned that any decision that "sends a message to migrants that they can… »

New direction of the film industry? Hollywood blockbuster comes to China - US submarine rescues Russian president

The production house "Lionsgate" has released a new trailer for the Hunter killer movie, in which the US submarine prevents the start of the Third World War and rescues the Russian president from death Namely, the film is about an American submarine crew located somewhere in the North Ocean. However, at one point they learn that Russia is planning a coup, initiated by the Minister of Defense. In order to prevent the collapse of the world order, the crew takes steps to rescue the Russian president. The main roles in the film are interpreted by Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman, while the Russian pr… »

Reacting on the announced construction of the Pelješac Bridge

The announced start of the construction of the Peljesac Bridge is a rough attack on the sovereignty of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a unilateral act that violates its territorial integrity and an act contrary to international law whose epilogue undoubtedly implies an urgent reaction by the competent BH authorities. authorities in order to protect the rights of our country to the undisturbed access to the open sea (international waters). It was highlighted today at the press conference of the Party of Democratic Action (A-SDA) and the Bosniak Movement of BiH (BPBiH) in Sarajevo, and on… »