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luckasti ljudi

Boze hvala ti na luckastim,pozitivnim ,optimisticnim ,duhovitim ,blagim i jednostavnim ljudima kojima me okruzujjes i konstantno ih saljes na moje pute da mi izmame osmijeh na lice. Takvi ljudi su blago koje treba cuvati… »


Vrata se zatvore pred grijesnikom koji nema sudbinu.Nada se budi ali kasno je traziti spas tamo gdje vjecni mrak caruje.Vjetar šiba bičem obraze bez osmijeha.Hladni dodiri okružuju rajske ptice koje su svile gnijezdo u d… »

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Tuka is running tonight at the diamond league rally in Monaco.

Bosnia and Herzegovina athlete Amel Tuka tonight will perform at the 11th Diamond League rally in Monaco. Tuka achieved the best result in his career (1.42.51) at the 800 meters race this year two years ago. In this season, he won victories in the rallies in Padua, Lucerne and Velenje, while at the meeting hall in Birmingham he was second. Tonight's opponents bh. Briton Elloit Gilles, Americans Drew Windle and Erik Sowinski, French Samir Dahmani and Pierre-Ambroise Bosse, Canadian Brandon McBride, Burundian Antonine Gaceme, Puerto Rican Andres Arroyo, Kenyan Emmanuel Korir and Dutchman Bram So… »

The CIA Director admits he was joking with Trump about the Syrian chemical weapons attack, which caused the United States to attack Syria's Tomahawk missiles

CIA Director Mike Pompeo admitted that he had deceived President Trump in a false belief that the chemical weapons attack in Syria was under the direction of the Syrian government A fake flag, which was actually carried out by rebel groups run by the CIA in the region, resulted in Trump launching a Tomahawk rocket attack in Syria that killed 15 civilians. reports that in a recent speech at INSA Leadership on July 11, Pompeo gave a typical speech about keeping the world intelligence community, how difficult it is to be in his position, the importance of everything, etc. But dur… »

HAOS IN OUR PLANET: Large floods, earthquakes and droughts are just a warning?

Things like scary and never seen weakening of the magnetic field around the Earth or the above phenomena barely mention or do not mention at all. A real chaos from a time that is almost completely unnatural and we have the honor to take part in these months. The summer has started, but the rain, rains, cold winds, just do not stop. And they announced that this time would be all summer. So the fact is that something is changing, but nobody tells us what. Here is just the other day, small floods covered the Balkans. Our country is located in an earthquake area where earthquakes are small and med… »

Jews from BiH claim assets of 6 billion KM, and the law on restitution still does not exist

The law on restitution to return the property to Jews in BiH during the Second World War has not yet been adopted and, besides Poland, our country is the only signatory to the Theresa Declaration that has not yet begun to repay this debt to the Jewish community. The value of assets that were seized from Jews in BiH from 1941 to 1945 is estimated at close to 6 billion KM. Prior to the war, 14,000 Jews lived in BiH, whom the Ustasha-Nazi government during the war took away all the property that was nationalized during the socialism, and later privatized. All these processes have led to the inabi… »

In case of a break: TheŽeljezničar will play against Braga on Grbavica

In case of passing the Railwayman into the third round of the European League, Željo would be welcomed by Brag at the Stadion Grbavica. FK Željezničar's efforts all the infrastructure requirements of the UEFA inspection were fulfilled even before the qualification, and the roof house of European football approved the eventual playing of the third European Championship leagues. "I am pleased that UEFA has recognized FK Željezničar's efforts to improve the infrastructure, although Asim Ferhatović Hase Stadium has been registered for the third round, however, they responded positively to our requ… »

RAK penalized RTRS with 29 000 KM

The Communications Regulatory Agency sent a fine to the RTRS in the amount of 29,000 KM. After monitoring the central newscasts of this house, a violation of the Code of Audiovisual Media Services and Radio Radio Services was found. As explained in the decision, it has been established that 78 of the analyzed issues of the Dnevnik begin with information focused on the opinion or activity of Milorad Dodik or the transfer of his statement in any capacity - the President of the RS or the President of the SNSD, and the passing of the opinion of the SNSD in power RS without any criticism. »

People enjoying bitter coffee often have black thoughts

People who enjoy bitter coffee often have black thoughts, media reports. It does not necessarily mean that these people have the tendencies of psychopaths, but they share a great love with many men and women who have shown a tendency toward 'everyday sadism', according to a new study published in the Appetite Journal. A study from Innsbruck University in Austria examined nearly 1,000 people, and it turned out that people with psychopathic traits have the habit of consuming bitter drinks like black, unguarded coffee. Psychopaths are often intelligent, seemingly calm and excellently subjected to… »

Wash it and melt it / Do not throw water from the watermelon, it helps with weight loss

The time is juicy watermelon that you can buy almost every step. Many of us are used to eating a delicious interior and throwing a bark. In this part of the watermelon there is vitamin B and C and citrulline. Citrulline turns into arginine, which is very important for heart health and circulation. But it is very important that you wash your water well. Then you can grind and add your favorite healthy drinks. 1. Fight against free radicals Citrulin is excellent in their removal. It translates into an amino acid that provides protection to the heart and immune system, and protects against harmfu… »

Cilic cried after a lost game from Federer

Croatian tennis player Marin Cilic cried at the start of the second set after a lost game against Roger Federer. Cilic plays the sword of life, but this obviously does not go the right way. He lost the first set of 6: 3, and then in the second game of the second set again allowed two break rivals. The Swiss immediately confirmed the break for 3: 0, and Cilic sat on the bench and cried.On this occasion, the Croatian tennis player asked for medical help, and he tears out because of the pain - he has problems with the blisters. »

Watch video horrible tragedies: A young man from BiH jumped to save girls, all three disappeared in waves!

Three people drowned in the southern village of Vlora in southern Albania yesterday, including, according to yet unconfirmed information, 24-year-old Benjamin Ferati, who lives and works in Srebrenik in BiH, and originates from Makdonia. This young man was on holiday in this famous resort, and lost his life in trying to help girls who drowned in the sea. According to information from the Albanian portals, Ferati jumped into the water when he saw two girls, Manuela Marai (27) from Vlora and Xona Cana (25) from Tirana, struggling not to sink. A brave young man swam for them, but because of the g… »